Ferguson & McCann is a state certified contractor in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. These certifications allow us to perform any and all aspects of above and underground tank activities.

As a full-service provider, we work with our commercial clients every step of the way — from planning and completing the installation to performing routine maintenance down the line. While some of our competitors rely on third-party contractors to complete portions of the job, we rely on a fully in-house team so you can be sure the quality is up to our high standards.

We also provide tank inspections and removal services for homeowners. These services are frequently needed when a tank has reached its life span or there is a suspected leak.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Have an emergency?  We have a 24 hour on call service that is available to assist you.

Authorized Service Representatives

To provide our customers with the best maintenance experience possible, we have partnered with a number of petroleum equipment providers as authorized service representatives. The brands we have partnered with are:

  • Veeder Root
  • Gasboy
  • Wayne Pumps
  • Petro Vend
  • Red Jacket
  • Bennett Pumps